27 April 2017

Tiger Snus (White Portion) Organic Snus - Review. 27 April 2017.

I have to admit, it's pretty fun being a snus reviewers. I greatly enjoy reviewing Swedish snus, but I get particularly excited when I get to try a unique snus from somewhere other than Sweden or Denmark. Today, we're going to be talking about Tiger Snus, a snus made in Bali.  This is a locally grown, locally sourced, organic snus product.  They have a pretty limited range, they currently produce a regular tobacco flavored snus in portion and los, as well as a clove version.  They have a peppermint version coming soon, as well.  But today we're going to be talking about their portion version.  Before we get into the review, let's talk a little about Tiger Snus.

This is what they have to say about their company and products: "At TIGERSNUS we believe in supplying locally sourced, organically grown snus tobacco of the highest quality. Our passion towards tobacco products shows in the quality of our snus. From sourcing locally to using the most environmental friendly packagings we can, to producing TIGER SNUS using organic growing methods, we strive to offer a very unique snus tobacco that sets us apart from other tobacco companies. We believe in sourcing our products locally to not only support the local communities and fight globalization, but also to reduce our carbon footprint, and to minimize our environmental impact. All our products are packed using environmental friendly materials to keep nature the same and tigers happy. We love tigers. We donate 10% of the yearly profits to charities helping to protect the remaining five tiger populations of Asia, and support them to survive from extinction. Let's save the tigers together!"

I don't have any information about a flavor description or nicotine content, so we're just going to be going off of the product itself for this review!  This snus comes in a neat metal can, which you have to twist off to open.  I imagine that is part of their environmentally conscious vision, using metal cans that people can refill instead of plastic cans that may get thrown away.

The portions in the can come in the star formation, which is a first I've seen outside of Swedish Match products.  They are wedged, so they need a little fluffing!  The portion material is a little dryer than an average white portion, but is still comfortable in the lip!  The aroma that comes through is a thing of beauty - a raw, natural, earthy, mellow tobacco smell.  And the taste is just as good!  I don't get anything in the taste other than the tobacco.  No salt, no pepper, nothing but tobacco taste!  The tobacco flavor is mild, earthy, raw and natural.  It's a very simple flavor but a very beautiful one!  There are few snus products on the market that embrace that simple flavor profile, unfortunately. The closest thing I can think of that this reminds me of is the Thunder 10 Year Anniversary Edition Snus I reviewed last year, except this one doesn't have the wooden flavors.

If you want to try this, it's available in Bali, and there are plans to expand to Thailand soon, as well!  You can check out their website TigerSnus.com if you want to see where they sell, there's more information there about their distribution.  But if you can get ahold of this stuff, I definitely suggest trying it.  It is delicious!

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