03 March 2017

Jakobsson's New Design & New Product. 3 March 2017.

After having the same design for the past several years, Gotlandssnus is getting ready to do a major redesign of the Jakobsson's line! They say: "Gotlandssnus now making a bet on the brand Jakobsson's getting a new design. The purpose of this change is to emphasize the brand and create a consistent and clean design. Distinctive color makes it easy to find in the product range. All our characteristic flavors are the same, only the new cans, says Markus Wahlgren, Marketing Gotlandssnus. While the new design will be launched the previous season the products to be lifted in and included in Jakobson to further strengthen the brand. The new design will gradually be implemented in the summer of 2017."

The entire Gotlandssnus seasonal line is also getting a redesign.  All the seasonal products will now be released under the Jakobsson's label and no longer called Gotlandssnus.  This effectively ends any products being released by Gotlandssnus AB under the Gotlandssnus name.

Gullviva and Viol - This is a new one launching in March of 2017.   We already did a preview on this product, but if you missed it you can check that out here.  This one appears to be replacing Pasksnus as the Spring release from Gotlandssnus.

Hallon and Jordgubb - This translates to raspberry and strawberry.  This appears to be a new design for their Summersnus product we see released every summer.

Äpple and Skogsbär - This translates to apple and berry and appears to be a new design for their Hostsnus product that releases every fall.

Glögg and Kanel - This looks like a new design for Julesnus that releases every year at Christmas.

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