12 March 2017

Göteborg's Rapé White Slim - Preview. 12 March 2017.

This is really interesting stuff. Last night, someone showed me a photo posted on Instagram by @wangmuyan. I saw it, and it caught me by surprise. The can in the photo has the new Göteborg's Rapé design, but it says "White Slim". This caught me completely off guard! In 2013, I reviewed Göteborg's Rapé Slim White, which came in a slim sized can with Natufibe pouches. In 2015, this product was discontinued when Göteborg's Rapé XRANGE Slim White was introduced.  This leads me to several questions.  Is the GR XRANGE being discontinued and replaced with this one?  Is the entire XRANGE line being discontinued and replaced with Slim products in the main line can designs?  Or is this simply a new product that will be separate from XRANGE?  

It appears as though this is a Norwegian product, as I found it listed on Snus.com, the Norwegian version of Northerner.com. The flavor description says, "Göteborgs Rape Slim White has a mild tobacco taste, with clear notes of lavender and juniper, along with a hint of oak and citrus. The portion is long and narrow in full size and has a dry surface with a moist content for a sustained release of flavor."  It gets even more interesting.  That listing at Snus.com says this new product has a total can weigh of 16.8 grams with 0.8 gram portions and a nicotine content of 8.5mg/g.  This is interesting because GR XRANGE has a can weight of 16.8 grams, with 0.8 gram portions and a nicotine content of 8.5mg/g. I'm definitely curious to see what this product means, if anything, to the XRANGE line.

14 March 2017 Update:  I heard back from Swedish Match and got some more details on this product.  This product is an exclusive one for the Norway market.  I was told it is not relaxing GR XR, and the XRANGE line is staying as it is.  This product is actually replacing GR White Large based on Norwegian consumer demands, where slim portion is becoming more popular.

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  1. I'm pretty sure all of the Xrange products are being rebranded to have a more premium look. E.g. General Xrange will be called General Slim, General Xrange Strong will change to General Slim Strong, etc. No price or content changes, though.