04 January 2017

Siberia Blue (Slim White Portion) - Preview. 4 January 2017.

Back in November I wrote a preview for Siberia Red Slim White Dry, a slim portion version of the popular Siberia Red White Dry. Now it appears GNT is gearing up to release a slim portion version of Siberia Blue White Portion. Siberia Blue is a less strong product in the Siberia line. Whereas Siberia Red comes in at 43mg/g of nicotine, Siberia Blue comes in at 24mg/g of nicotine. I'm not sure what the strength will be on this new product, but I imagine it will have a similar total nicotine strength of 24mg/g like it's full size portion companion.

At this time, I don't have a release date on this one.  Honestly, I'm still waiting on Siberia Red Slim White Dry to release, and I wrote about that one in November of 2016.  Hopefully we'll see these releases before too long, because I imagine there are a lot of Siberia fans who are going to be very excited about this product!

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