01 January 2017

Malmö Kardus (Chewing Tobacco/Kardus) - Review. 1 January 2017.

Review Updated: 28 May 2020

Today we're going to be talking about a special product: Malmö Kardus, by AG Snus in Denmark!  This is a "chewing tobacco" product, which means it is legal to be sold in the EU due to that name.  However, it is made the same way as Swedish Snus (minus the cut), which means it's still a safe alternative, like Swedish Snus is!  This is one that I'm jealous of the EU for, because if this was available to the US it would sell like hotcakes.  The flavor description for this one says, "Malmö Kardus Chewing Tobacco is made of finely sliced tobacco of the highest quality.  It has a classic tobacco flavor with hints of rose oil."  Each can weighs 32 grams.  I'm not sure what the nicotine strength is, because I haven't seen it listed anywhere, but, it feels around the regular strength/strong range.

NOTE:  The name Kardus is not to be confused with Swedish Match's Kardus line.  Kardus simply means "letter tobacco", and refers to how snus used to come packaged in paper back in the day.  Most associate Kardus as a single cut product, which is perhaps why AG Snus put that name on this one.

On the left you'll see my personal favorite lös snus, Göteborgs Prima Fint.  On the right you will see Malmö Kardus Chewing Tobacco.  Both of these products are pasteurized, spit free, and safer than smoking.  However, Prima Fint is a loose snus, and it is ground.  Malmö Kardus, while made the same way as snus, is a little different.  It is cut, instead of ground.  With Prima Fint, you can easily bake it in your hand and put it under your lip.  The Kardus, or single cut tobacco, is a little harder to bake.  Some choose to do the "farmers pinch", and just pinch an amount of it out and put it right under the upper lip!

When you open the can, a mild, earthy tobacco aroma greets you along with a light floral sweetness, due to the inclusion of the rose oil in this one.  The tobacco is pretty easily pinchable for those who choose to do a farmer's pinch.  This is not a snus you can hand bake, so if you aren't good with a farmer's pinch, you may have to use a snus portioning tool of some kind.  The snus is moderately moist, and has quite the flavor!  The tobacco taste is front and center, and is mild, earthy, and natural.  The rose oil flavor comes through as a light floral sweetness which compliments the tobacco taste quite well.  It's a tasty snus!  The nicotine on this one feels to be around the regular strength level, if I had to guess.  The flavor, on average, lasts about 40-50 minutes, on average.  

Malmö Kardus is a great tasting product.  I personally wish it was available online to the US, because I imagine a lot of ex-dippers would really enjoy using this one due to the cut!

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  1. Hi Chad, this product is pasteurized like others snus ?
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