17 January 2017

Clove Explosion (White Dry) - Review. 17 January 2017.

When GN Tobacco announced they were releasing Clove Explosion, I was really excited. I've always been a big fan of the taste of cloves. Back in my younger days, when I was a smoker, I really enjoyed those Djarum Black cigarettes. When I quit smoking, I noticed the clove flavor wasn't very common in the snus world. In 2009, V2 Tobacco released the Offorad Limited Edition 2009 lineup which came with Offroad Sweet Clove Snus, which I really enjoyed. Unfortunately, that one didn't live beyond the limited edition line.  Now, GN Tobacco has filled that void in the snus world with Clove Explosion.  This product is released as the first in their "GN Organic" line.  The reason it is called GN Organic is because it has no added flavors. This product is a mix of 85% tobacco and 15% fresh clove from Indonesia.

I wanted to open these products up to see what they look like inside. Being 85% tobacco and 15% clove, I was curious how they would look.   I was pleased to find both product look like regular snus.  On the left you will see Clove Explosion White, and on the right you will see Clove Explosion White Dry.  The White Dry as 50% moisture and the White Dry has 30% moisture. When it comes to Clove Explosion White Dry, there are 16 portions in the 13 gram can. The total nicotine content is 36mg/g, or 3.6% nicotine. Breaking that down, it's 29.25mg/portion or 2.92%/portion. Needless to say, this stuff is strong!

The flavor description says, “Super strong with rich clove taste due to completely organic clove compound in blend. The best Indonesian clove has been used to make this great product sharp straight full flavored clove bags!”  When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is predominantly clove, a touch of sweetness, a light smokiness and for some reason I pick up a hint of banana.  When you put a portion in your lip you'll quickly notice a nice burning sensation.  The nicotine comes on quite quickly - I feel it at the 5 minute mark!  The clove flavor immediately greets you and comes across in a milder way than I noticed with the white portion.    I also pick up a light banana presence like I noticed in the aroma.  There is a light touch of smokiness and a nice little Eastern spice in the background.  The nicotine and the flavor are both last quite a while.  I felt the nicotine for about an hour and the flavor lasted well into the two hour mark.  I was surprised I was able to keep this one in for that long, with how strong it is.  I am assuming with all the super strong snus I've been reviewing lately my body is desensitizing to it.

If you're a lover of clove, this is a must try.  For years, I've said that my favorite GN Tobacco product is Olde Ving (Original Portion). It has now been replaced. Clove Explosion is, in my opinion, GN Tobacco's best product available. I like the white portion better, but both are very good and must try snuses!

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