22 December 2016

Thunder Cool Mint (Slim Original) - Review (Discontinued). 22 December 2016.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

I originally reviewed Thunder Cool Mint (Extra Strong) back in 2012 and revisited in 2015 to update the old article with photos of the new can design. For some reason it didn't click with me back then, but a few months back I reviewed Thunder Cool Mint (Slim White Dry) and fell in love with it. I rank Thunder Cool Mint in the top 5 mint snus flavors on the market and consider it V2's best mint snus. Yes, I even like it more than Thunder Frosted, which is undoubtedly their most popular. This snus isn't technically on sale yet, but the product description for Thunder Cool Mint (regular size portion) should be virtually the same as this one: "Thunder Cool Mint Extra Strong Portion snus is a high nicotine, long lasting snus with a smooth taste of peppermint. Fans of Swedish Match's General Mint flavor profile should really enjoy this plus the added nicotine."

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a smooth, mellow smell of peppermint. The portions are quite moist, which is common of many Thunder products. They are longer and slimmer than your average Thunder snus, and aren't too full. It's a 19.8 gram can so the portions are a little less than a gram each. I'm also assuming the nicotine content is the same, 16mg/g like regular Thunder snus. The portions feel great in the lip and an immediate cooling sensation comes on when you put a portion in, which is common of most mint snus.  The taste is fantastic, it tastes identical to Thunder Cool Mint.  One thing that I like about Cool Mint is that the peppermint flavor isn't too sharp or biting like with most mint snuses with the peppermint flavor profile.  This one is a very smooth, mellow peppermint taste.  There is also a very mild taste of tobacco in the background.

One of the reasons I fell in love with Thunder Cool Mint (Slim White Dry) was because of the slim portion.  But, I am a fan of original portions moreso than white portions, so I will definitely be ordering this one again!  If you like mint snus, this is definitely worth a try, as I consider Cool Mint to be one of the best mint flavors on the market!

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