13 December 2016

Clove Explosion (GN Tobacco) - Preview. 13 December 2016.

It looks like GN Tobacco is getting ready to release three new products with a flavor that is criminally underrepresented in the snus world. I'm talking about the flavor of clove. If you're new to snus, you may not remember this. But, back in 2009 there was a limited edition Offroad series that had a snus called Sweet Clove. It was fantastic, but unfortunately it didn't stay around long. Now, it appears that GN Tobacco is getting ready to fill that hole in the snus world with Clove Explosion.

Clove Explosion will come in white, white dry and original portion format.  This snus is being labeled as part of a new "GN Organic Series".  I'm not sure what that means at this point, but what I do know is that it is a mix of 85% tobacco and 15% fresh clove from Indonesia.  This snus will also have no added flavor at all.  Just tobacco and clove.  At this time, I'm not sure of a nicotine strength or a release date, but once I have more information I'll update this article!

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  1. Please!?!? Any updates for this clove snus and where to order? I like you quit smoking years ago and the only cigs I truly miss the most are Djarums. Id really love to try a clove snus. Keep up the good work Chad. Thanks!