01 November 2016

Two New V2 Tobacco Products! 1 November 2016.

It looks like V2 Tobacco is gearing up to release a few new products. The first one is a new Thunder product - Thunder Extra Strong Sweet Mint (Slim White Dry).  One thing that is interesting about this one is that it's a completely different can design than what we're used to.  The name is Sweet Mint, so I wonder if it will taste like Thunder Cool Mint. The flavor description says this one has a "has a sweet tangy flavor of mint".

The next one is a new Offroad product - Offroad Extreme Arctic Power (White Dry Portion).  It is being called "the world's strongest snus". For the longest time, that was a moniker that Siberia by GN Tobacco held. But it appears as though Siberia is about to be dethroned as the world's strongest snus. Get this - this new Offroad snus comes in at a whopping 45mg/g of nicotine. The flavor description says, "Nicotine content is 45 mg / g and provides an instant effervescent effect. It is produced without artificial aid - only natural nicotine. Offroad X Extreme strength White Dry is the world's strongest snus with Arctic power and extreme strength. It has a cooling mint flavor. The taste lasts long."

I don't know much more about these products or a release date, but as always I will update this article with more info as I have it!


  1. Thunder Sweet Mint has been out for 3-4 months already, while Offroad X are estimated to be out in approx 2 weeks

  2. Just ordered 3 cans of the Offroad X. Looking forward to try it, I hope that you get some cans of this stuff soon so that you can do a review :)

  3. I just tried off road x. Tastes pretty good. Nic hit though seemed a bit milder than I expected..siberia seems stronger, but still a good snus.