20 October 2016

XRANGE Grov & General Salmiak - Discontinued. 20 October 2016.

Our friend Larry at SnusCENTRAL posted an article today about two products being discontinued by Swedish Match. One is Grov XRANGE Slim Original. This one caught me off guard. For years, snusers have been asking for a slim version of Grov. But, I'm assuming sales weren't there and Swedish Match is pulling the plug early. The other one is a personal favorite of mine, General XRANGE Salmiak Slim Original. Swedish Match has a bad habit of introducing good licorice snus and then dropping it from their product line. General Licorice was one that I really liked, but they discontinued that one, too. I think the moral of the story is don't get attached to Swedish Match licorice snus - because you never know when they could dissapear! Nick and Johnny Small Batch Licorice was another good one that was discontinued.

I'm not sure when these are being discontinued or when production stopped, so if you enjoy these it would be wise to stock up now before they're gone forever!

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  1. Well, you can't blame Swedish Match for trying to cultivate and capture new markets. The disappearing act is getting a little old however. The Swedish snus market may have more variety than the US smokeless market but maybe US smokeless companies have better research departments and/or loyal customers. There are a slew of new mints and products coming out in the mint flavor profiles here in the US and traditional flavors and brands keep growing in popularity. The last and only flavor I remember up and disappearing was Skoal Vanilla, like years ago. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

    Swedish snus seems to have a flavor of the day, everyday and then they're gone a day later. Is this cost effective? My advice to SM: stop the merry-go-round of product releases, bring back Probe, and for Pete's sake, focus on and release a long cut snus already. If long cut is so superior in flavor release and in providing a tobacco experience (words traditionally used or implied to describe Kardus lös each December) why not make an everyday long cut in their best flavors i.e. General Original, Wintergreen, Grov, Probe, etc., instead of making 80 versions of portioned snus that nobody seems to be buying?