12 September 2016

Offroad Lakrits White Mini - Review. 12 September 2016.

I originally did this review back in November of 2009, but it was attached to another review. I used to do reviews of multiple products in one article, but to make it easier for people who are searching for reviews I've been gradually splitting these up so each review article only has one product on it. Now, back to the review! I'm not a big mini portion guy. I usually use regular strength snus in the regular size. But, there's a market for these for a reason. So, being the guinea pig of the snus world, I review everything (even if it's a product I don't or wouldn't use myself). Usually when I review mini portion snus, I put in two at the same time. It gives a more full effect/nicotine strength. When it comes to this product, the flavor description says, "Offroad Licorice White Mini has a rich flavor of aniseed and deep long-lasting taste of licorice. This snus has a smaller white pouch."

The portions are slimmer and pretty comfortable in the lip.  When you open a can, the aroma of is a pretty present licorice smell. It smells alot like a black jelly bean. Slightly sweet, with a strong presence of licorice. The flavor comes through the same way. A licorice flavor, slightly sweet, and a very slight salt balance in the background.  Offroad Licorice is one of the snuses that people really seem to dig when it comes to this flavor profile.

If you like mini portions and want something in the licorice flavor, give this one a try!

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