13 September 2016

Offroad Lakrits Original Mini - Review. 13 September 2016.

I've recently been going through my reviews and updating them with new photos. I realized during this process that I had never reviewed this product! Every now and then one slips through the cracks, so here we are. Now, I'm not a big mini portion guy. I usually use regular strength snus in the regular size. But, there's a market for these for a reason. So, being the guinea pig of the snus world, I review everything (even if it's a product I don't or wouldn't use myself). Usually when I review mini portion snus, I put in two at the same time. It gives a more full effect/nicotine strength. When it comes to this product, the product description says, "Offroad Licorice Mini has a rich flavor of aniseed and deep long-lasting taste of licorice. This snus has a smaller pouch."

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a really present and slightly sweet smell of licorice. The portions are about the same length as a regular snus portion, but more slim. And of course, as mini portions, they are lighter in weight. Usually when I review mini portions, I use 2 at the same time. But even using one of these, they don't feel too small in the lip. I think the length helps.  The flavor isn't too bad.  It's a pretty straightforward licorice taste with a touch of sweetness and a very mild tobacco character in the background.  As far as licorice snus goes, this isn't one of the best, but if you want a licorice snus that comes in original portion/mini format, this one is pretty decent and worth a try.

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  1. Hi Chad. I love your reviews and always have a look here before buying snus. Im from South Africa so this is one of only 10 snuses available here. Ive been using Siberia blue but im looking for something with a more regular nicotine. How is the nicotine in this one? Being a mini portion