20 June 2016

Epok Lakrits (Licorice) - Review (Discontinued). 20 June 2016.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

I originally reviewed 8 flavors of Epok Snus back in February of 2015. I put them all into one article because I wasn't sure if these products would be sticking around long or not.  When I originally reviewed the previous 3 products from Epok, I didn't have very high hopes for their new offerings. I previously reviewed Epok Breeze, Epok Pinje and Epok Original, but I wasn't too impressed with those flavors.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with the new offerings from Epok! When it comes to Epok Lakrits, the product description says, "Epok Licorice snus is described as "well balanced between traditional tobacco flavor and licorice, aniseed with hints of herbs."

For those who are just now hearing about Epok for the first time, you may be asking yourself what "white tobacco" is. Epok says, "White tobacco produced in a patented, environmentally friendly process that gently cleanses and refines brown tobacco. In the process, minimizing unwanted substances, such as heavy metals and nitrosamines. The feeling under the lip, nicotine strength and flavor experience is the same as in plain brown pouch - but without the snus runs or color your teeth. White tobacco contains white tobacco, nicotine, water, stabilizer and flavoring agents. White tobacco produced by pure brown tobacco in a water-based process, leaving the tobacco is clean of all unwanted substances. White tobacco contains no natural sugar. In contrast, added sweetener xylitol as flavoring."

When it comes to the flavor of lakrits (licorice), there's a ton of them out there. I'm not the biggest licorice fan, myself - but I really enjoy General Licorice. It's the only licorice snus I've ever bought multiple rolls of.  That being said, I always try to remain objective when it comes to flavor.  When you open a can of Epok Lakrits, you'll notice the portions are regular size.  The aroma that comes through is of black licorice and pepper with that clean/washed tobacco smell mixed in.  The flavor is interesting.  It has an interesting burn to it, and the flavor of salty black licorice and a hint of pepper.  The white tobacco taste is present, but it surprisingly mixes really well with the licorice flavor.  I found this one to be pretty enjoyable.  I like the way the licorice taste, the spice of the pepper and the white tobacco all blended together.  It's a pretty tasty snus.

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