09 May 2016

Best of the Best Snus Poll: Results. 9 May 2016.

I have an article called "Swedish Snus Suggestions" where I suggest snus for people who are new to snus. I thought that was a great way to help people who are new, but I also wanted to give a voice to the snus community. So, over the past several months, I've been doing a few polls a week and asking the snus fan base what their favorite products are in each category. Now, we have the results for many categories. So, if you're new to snus, these are the top ranked products in each flavor category!

Alternative Flavor

1. Nick and Johnny Americana
2. Nick and Johnny Red Hot
3. Olde Ving Fudge
4. Mustang Los and Mustang Original (Tie)
5. Lundgren’s Skane Vit

Bergamot Flavor

1. General Original Portion
2. General Extra Strong Portion
3. General Onyx and General White (Tie)
4. General G3 Extra Strong
5. General G3 Original (Normal Strength)

Christmas Flavor

1. Gotlands Julesnus
2. Thunder Frosted Christmas
3. Gotland’s Julesnus

Coffee Flavor

1. Olde Ving 99
2. Epok Coffee
3. Al Capone Coffee (Dry Mini White)
4. Zyn Nt Coffee 06

Cola Flavor

1. Oden’s Extreme Cola
2. Thunder Cola

Cuban Flavor

1. Byron Original Portion
2. Byron Anis
3. Byron White Portion

Elderflower Flavor

1. Jakobsson’s Flader
2. Skruf Slim Fesh Hylleblomst
3. WOW! Sunny Honey
Eucalyptus Flavor

1. Skruf Slim Polar Stark White
2. Catch White Eucalyptus
3. Offroad Eucalyptus White

Melon Flavor

1. Jakobsson’s Melon
2. Jakobsson’s Melon Stark Slim
3. Oden’s Melon and Epok Melon (Tie)
4. Kapten Melon Extra Stark Vit
5. Thunder Melon ES

Juniper Flavor

1. Goteborg’s Rape Original
2. Goteborg’s Rape White
3. Goteborg’s Rape XRANGE Slim White
4. Goteborg’s Rape Los
5. Epok Enbar

Licorice Flavor

1. Offroad Licorice Los and Oden’s Extreme Lakrits (Tie)
2. Catch Licorice White and Offroad Licorice Original (Tie)
3. Oden’s Lakrits
4. Byron Anis, General Salmiak XRANGE, Lab 24 Licorice Mint, Offroad Licorice White and LD Salmiak (Tie)

Fruit Flavor

1. Jakobsson’s Melon
2. Thunder Raspberry Extra Strong
3. Roda Lacket Los
4. Epok Blueberry and Goteborg’s Rape Lingon (Tie)
5. Gotland’s Summer Snus (Smultron)

Mint Flavor

1. General Mint
2. Jakobsson’s Mint
3. Nick and Johnny Green Ice and Thunder Cool Mint Original (Tie)
4. Catch XRANGE, Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice White, Siberia Red, Skruf Mynta Slim White and Thunder Frosted Los (Tie)
5. Oden’s Extreme Cold, Oden’s Double Mint Extreme Original and Offroad Frosted Portion (Tie)

Tobacco Flavor

1. Ettan Original
2. Grov Los
3. Grov Original
4. Ettan Los and Grov Stark (Tie)
5. Lab 06

Whisky Flavor

1. General Mackmyra Original Portion
2. Islay Whisky (Original Portion)
3. Crafted Snus Whiskey (Original Portion)
4. General Mackmyra Los
5. Crafted Snus Whisky White and Crafted Kardus Highlands Single Cut (Tie)

Wintergreen Flavor

1. General Wintergreen
2. Oden’s Pure Wintergreen
3. Jakobsson’s Wintergreen and Thunder Wintergreen (Original) (Tie)
4. Oden’s Creamy Wintergreen
5. Thunder Wintergreen (Ultra Strong White Dry)

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