27 April 2016

LD Special Vit (Slim White Portion) - Review. 27 April 2016.

Usually when I get a new product to review, I try to spend several days to a week with it to get a full idea of the product for my review. With this one, it didn't take too long. When I popped in the first portion, I immediately realized the flavor was the exact same as LD White Portion, which I've been a fan of for many years. The only difference, and what makes this product "Special", is that it comes in a slim portion. After JTI launched Gustavus Slim Cut, their first slim portions, I wondered if we would see more slim portions from them. I'm hopeful that eventually we'll see an LD Original Portion in the slim format. The product description says, "LD Special Slim White has a flavor tobacco with a hint of citrus and bergamot. This snus has a slim white pouch."

When you open the can, you'll notice the portions are slim, but a little light in weight. I found 16 portions in the can and a total can weight of 12.6 grams. So about 0.78 grams per portion. The aroma is much like regular LD White Portion, a gentle and mild aroma of citrus. The portion material is quite soft, and being a slim portion, these feel great in the lip! The taste is where this snus shines. I've said for years that if General ever ceased to be, LD would be a product I could replace it with and use full time. The flavor is a mild, clear flavor of citrus. It's not as tart as the normal bergamot flavor. There's a mild peppery presence in the background and a nice flavor of salt, as well.  If you're a fan of LD Snus, these are definitely worth a try.  When it comes to comfort, it doesn't get better than a slim portion!

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