11 April 2016

Kapten Melon Vit (Extra Stark) - Review. 11 April 2016.

Review Updated:  22 August 2018

The melon flavor has been growing a lot over the past few years in the world of Swedish Snus. There's Oden's Extreme Melon and Olde Ving Melon from GN Tobacco. From Gotlandssnus there's Jakobsson's Melon Strong, Jakobsson's Melon Mini and Jakobsson's Melon Stark White. And, in the white tobacco category, there is also Epok Melon.  More and more people are digging this flavor, so it's natural that AG Snus would want to add their own melon flavor. If you're new to the Kapten brand, this is how AG Snus describes Kapten: "Kapten is a novel snus, but the development has been based on the knowhow acquired by 5 generations’ experience manufacturing snus. Kapten is a truly traditional snus, but the taste has been given a modern twist making Kapten a snus of this century."

The product description for this snus says: "Kapten White Extra Strong Melon Portion Snus is described as a traditional snus with a stronger taste which has been given a modern twist. By "traditional", AG Snus means bergamot and tobacco; plus a nice melon flavor in this case." This product comes in an 18 gram can with 20 portions for 0.9 gram portions. The nicotine content is 15mg/g (1.5%) which breaks down to 13.5mg/portion.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a mild, fresh and very natural melon smell. It reminds me a little of honeydew, but with a little cantaloupe as well. It doesn't smell overly sweet at all.  One thing I always notice about AG Snus is their portions - they feel really fat in the lip.  For only 0.9 gram portions, they fill out the lip quite nicely!    The flavor is quite good!  It reminds me a lot of a canary melon, which tastes a little like honeydew but with a slight tang to it. There also seems to be a little cantaloupe in the background. The main thing I like about this snus is that the melon flavor is more subdued and mild and not too overly sweet.  The flavor is very natural, but it's not too "in your face".  The nicotine content is also pretty moderate, there is a nice kick to it but it's not too strong; it feels to be between a strong and an extra strong.  The flavor also lasts a solid amount of time; I've found with these I can enjoy them for up to an hour!

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