13 March 2016

Thunder Original (Slim White Dry) - (Discontinued) Review. 13 March 2016.

NOTE:  As of 4/26/2018, this product has been discontinued by V2 Tobacco.

V2 Tobacco has been launching a lot of new products in the slim white dry category. Last year, they launched Thunder Frosted (Slim White Dry), Thunder Cool Mint (Slim White Dry) and Thunder Wintergreen (Slim White Dry). These portions are longer and slimmer in size than regular portions, and have less moisture than your average white portion. The product description says, "Thunder Snus has a whole new portion format: Slim White Dry Portion. Now even with Original Flavor ! New pouch design is very full and comfortable under the lip."

When you open a can of Thunder Original Slim White Dry, the aroma that comes through is a very mellow and gentle tobacco smell. The portions are white dry in format, so the flavor and nicotine develop a little slower than your average white portion. Even though they are white dry, I found the portion material to be comfortable in the lip and not too dry.  The nicotine comes on a little slower, but after about 15-20 minutes you'll start to feel that extra kick that is common with Thunder Snus!  The flavor is a very gentle, mild tobacco flavor.  It's pretty subdued and not too robust or in-your-face by any means.  It's not a boring flavor, just not too intense.  I personally enjoy that, because I enjoy tobacco centric flavors and I like the way it comes across in this snus.  There's a nice little salt balance in the background, as well.  The flavor is quite simple, but enjoyable.  If you enjoy tobacco centric snus, this is definitely one to try out!

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