20 March 2016

Skruf Myntablad (Slim White) - Review (Discontinued). 20 March 2016.

Note:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

First of all, I recently did a video review of this product in Albuquerque this weekend. If you're a fan of AMC's "Better Call Saul", I definitely suggest checking out that video.

Skruf Myntablad is a new product by Skruf for the Norway market.  I don't imagine we'll be seeing it online for the US market, unfortunately.  When I first heard about this product, Skruf told me that it's like Mynta, in that the flavoring is added at the beginning of manufacturing.  With Skruf Mynta (Ecological), they use actual mint leaves in the recipe.  I haven't got confirmation of whether or not that is the case with this snus, but I'm thinking that it may be.  One thing that is interesting about this can is that the paper label seems to be different from any other Skruf product.  It seems to be a thicker paper that feels almost like sketch book paper.  It's very interesting!

When you open the can, you'll notice the portions are slim white portions. I found them to be a little dry, but the portion material was still soft to the touch. The aroma that comes through is a very mild and slightly sweet natural mint smell. The portions are quite comfortable in the lip, and there's a very mild tingling sensation you experience in the beginning of this snus. That tingle doesn't last long, however, but there is a lasting cooling presence in the lip. The flavor is very mild. It's a natural, gentle mint taste with a very faint touch of sweetness. I would say it's similar to Skruf Mynta (Ecological), but a little bit milder.  This is a good one if you want a mint taste that isn't too bold, or if you're not the biggest fan of mint snus but want a mint flavor on occasion that isn't too bold.  This is a regular strength snus, so the nicotine kick isn't too in your face, either.

As I mentioned earlier, this product is aimed at the Norway market and is available now, so if you want to grab a can - that's where you'll find it.  I don't believe US snusers will be able to buy this one online, but who knows, that may change.

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