26 March 2016

Oden's Extreme 29 (Apple) Portion - Review. 26 March 2016.

I originally reviewed this product years ago, but it was connected to a review for Oden's No3 Extreme (Original Portion). Lately, I've been trying to split any reviews where the article has more than one review on it to make things easier for the readers of this blog. So, Oden's 29 Extreme Original Portion now has it's own article!

The flavor description of this snus says, "Oden's 29 Extreme Portion is a very strong portioned snus. Like the rest of Oden's range is Oden's Extreme serving the spicy and tradional tobacco flavor. Oden's 29 Extreme Portion is slightly flavored with burnt apple."  I absolutely love what GN Tobacco does with the apple flavor, and this snus is no exception!

It's interesting, when you've reviewed as many snuses as I have over the past almost 7 years, you're bound to forget about some of them. I was browsing for photos of Oden's 29 and actually found a review I did in 2011 that I totally forgot about for Oden's Burned Apple White Dry, which I got from a friend at SnusOn. When you open a can of Oden's 29 Extreme (Original Portion), the smell that comes through is a mellow apple aroma with hints of smoke and a nutty presence. The taste is great, a pleasant apple taste, reminiscent of Granny Smith apples, with a nutty hint in the background, almost like a walnut flavor, and a mellow smokey flavor as well.  Reading my review from 2011 it's apparent that the flavor is very much the same as what I experienced back then.  It's quite good, there aren't many apple snuses out there, so it's nice that someone is experimenting with that flavor.  If you like apple, you'll definitely enjoy this snus!

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