08 March 2016

Oden's Extra Stark (Original Portion) - Review. 8 March 2016.

A few years ago, I reviewed Oden's Extra Stark which was a Gajane product. After GN Tobacco took over, it switched to this new can, and the flavor is different as well. Same name, different product.  So if you're an old school snuser, this isn't the same snus as the Oden's Extra Stark you may remember.  Now, when it comes to Oden's original/traditional Swedish flavored line, there are quite a few.  There is Oden's Original Portion, Oden's Original Los, Oden's Extreme Portion, Oden's Extreme Los, Oden's No3 Portion, Oden's No3 Los, Oden's No3 Extreme Portion and Oden's No3 Extreme Los. The Oden's Original, Oden's Extreme, Oden's No3 and Oden's No3 Extreme all have different flavors, but are the "traditional" flavored snuses that GN Tobacco makes.

The flavor description says, "Oden's Extra Strong Portion is a snus with a relatively unique taste. It is unique in that it is one of the few varieties that are flavored with pure tobacco . The tobacco which has been selected in Oden's has naturally earthy undertones and a slight sweetness. With an added saltiness, traditional Swedish tobacco snus."

One question that I get asked often is about the difference in Oden's products nicotine strength by product name.  Regular Oden's Snus products come in at 8mg/g-9mg/g of nicotine.  Oden's Power comes in at 12mg/g.  Oden's Stark Snus comes in at 15mg/g.  Oden's Extra Stark comes in at 17mg/g-18mg/g.  Oden's Extreme comes in at 22mg/g.  So each product name denotes a different strength in nicotine.

Oden's Extra Stark Portion has 17mg/g of nicotine.  If I had to compare this snus to another product, it's closest to Oden's Original, not Oden's Extreme - though I can detect presences of each snus in this product. The smell of citrus is present, but there is an equal presence of earthy tobacco with a slight hint of pepper. The flavor is great - a pairing of spicy, earthy tobacco with the classic Swedish taste of citrus/bergamot. With most "traditional" snuses that are flavored with bergamot, that is the only taste you get, and the tobacco flavor isn't as noticeable. With this one, it's the best of both worlds. You can experience the classic Swedish snus flavor, but also can enjoy the taste of tobacco as well, mixed equally with that citrus flavor. It's very good stuff!

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