08 February 2016

Gustavus Slim Cut: Salvi - Review (Discontinued). 8 February 2016.

NOTE  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Gustavus Slim Cut is a new line from JTI. The name "slim cut" doesn't denote the way the tobacco is cut or ground, it's simply just the brand name. The portions are slim white portions and slightly smaller than your average snus portion.  I've been told these products are designed to compete with XRANGE from Swedish Match, which might explain the big Z on the can.  Perhaps it is to look bold like the big XR on the XRANGE cans.

A few weeks ago I reviewed Anno 1852: Violet Lakrits and was let down that the taste wasn't what I was hoping for. This product, however, is exactly the taste I was hoping with a product claiming to have both violet and licorice in the flavor. SnusBolaget describes it as "a new affordable snus with the taste of salty licorice, sweet licorice and violets in a slim format."

When you open the can you'll notice the portions are slim white portions but slightly smaller than your average snus portion. I would call these mini slim portions if I had to give them a name. Or even "midi", as they do remind me of the discontinued product Mocca Black Maple (Midi), as far as portion size goes.  The aroma and taste of this product is what I was hoping for with Anno 1852: Violet Licorice.  I was very impressed with this one!

When you open the can you're greeted with very present aromas of black licorice and sweet, floral violet.  The nose carries through very well to the taste!  The flavor of violet seems a little more present in the taste than the licorice, but the licorice flavor is also very present in the mix.  I would say it's 55% violet and 45% licorice in the flavor.  Being a salmiak snus, you'll notice it's a little saltier than your average snus.  That being said, I really enjoyed this one.  If you're a fan of licorice snus, this is a must try!  A friend of mine grabbed some of these from Northerner.com and sent them to me, but I've also heard Snus24.com stocks them if you're in the US.

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