03 February 2016

Grov XRANGE (Discontinued) - Review. 3 February 2015.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

I recently got ahold of some new snus to review - Grov XRANGE (Original), General Salmiak (Original) and General Mackyra (Original Portion and Loose).  Usually when I do a review I like to spend a lot of time with the product before I write my review.  However, with this one, it's easier to review.  This product isn't a new flavor, it's essentially Grov Original Portion in a slimmer pouch. The product description says, "XRANGE Grov Slim Large Portion Snus brings the great taste of Grov Original snus to the affordable XRANGE brand. The snus is identical to the legendary Grov recipe except it's packed in the latest version Slim Portion for great mouth feel and taste. Grov fans and fans to be will love this snus!"

When you open the can, you'll notice the portions are longer and slimmer than your average Grov Original Portion. I've said for years that long/slim portions are truly the most comfortable way to enjoy a snus! The aroma is a robust tobacco smell with just a little bit of pepper in the background. The flavor follows the nose and is a very rich, robust, well rounded tobacco flavor with just a touch of salt.  These pouches are branded as "minimal drip", but I noticed the drip to be about the same as Grov Original Portion.  This snus is a little higher in nicotine than your regular Swedish Snus, coming in at 9.5mg/g for the 0.9gram portions.  If you're a fan of Grov and have been wanting a version in a slim pouch, this is a must try!  Grov is truly one of the best tobacco-centric flavored snuses on the market and is a staple in the personal rotation of many snusers all over the world!


  1. This one tastes just like Grov original nd i have been "snusing" Grov since i was 13 (now 48 ) This one is cheaper in price which you forgot to mention in the blog. This is how snus shall taste:pure tobacco.

  2. This snus is awesome. I'm wasnt a daily grov user but I am now! I used to LOVE grov Los until los became a bit too cumbersome.. since then I've been alternating various goteborgs... I use 1+ cans per day of regular and now happy to say grov xrange is my main staple and I LOVE it! I think some of what turned me off about tobacco flavored OPs was their drip and size and short lasting flavor ... those problems solved by xrange ! Next I'll probably fall in love with general xrange original