12 January 2016

Thunder Cool Mint (Ultra White Dry) - Review (Discontinued). 12 January 2016.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

It's 2016, and V2 is adding two new products to their lineup! Both are Ultra Strong and both are White Dry. This review will be over the Cool Mint flavor.  In November of 2015, V2 launched their first Ultra Strong White Dry product, Thunder Frosted Ultra Strong White Dry.  In that review, I did a little breakdown on the specifics of that product, so I'll share the details about these new Ultra Strong White Dry products.

Thunder Ultra Strong White Dry
Nicotine - 42mg/g
18 portions per can
11.7 gram can weight
Each Portion - 0.65 gram
Nicotine Per Portion - 27.3 mg/portion

In case you're just tuning in, here's a comparison I did to examine the "white dry" product and compare it to other products in the Thunder line up.  On the far left, you see tobacco from an Offroad Portion, in the center you see tobacco from a Thunder White Dry product and on the far right you see tobacco from a Thunder Ultra Strong White Dry product.  These products are basically a "dry" version of Thunder Snus, produced in the same way but without any moisture added. The nicotine absorbs into the blood slower than usual until the portion is completely moist, then it will work much like a regular original portion does. Also, when people are taxed by weight in their snus orders, taking some of the moisture out of the snus is a way to help people save money. You can see in the picture to the left the difference in products.  In the photo, the Offroad snus on the far left is more "clumpy" and moist, whereas the Frosted White Dry products in the center and on the far right are more dry and finely ground and don't stick together as much. If you add moisture to these products yourself, they would look a lot like the product to the far left.

When you open a can of Cool Mint, the aroma that comes through is a sweet and mellow peppermint smell. It's a touch milder than the usual Thunder Cool Mint. Being a white dry portion, the portions are more dry than your average white portion, but aren't so dry that they're uncomfortable in the lip. There is a mild tingling sensation that comes along with this snus, as well, but it takes a little longer to experience and comes on once the portion gets a little more moist. The flavor is a very mellow and smooth taste of peppermint with just a little bit of tobacco taste in the background. It's a little milder than the newly released Thunder Cool Mint (Slim White Dry), but still has the nice Cool Mint flavor. As far as V2 mint flavors go, I prefer the taste of Cool Mint over Frosted, personally.  Being an Ultra Strong, the nicotine kick is quite fierce.  It takes a little while to develop, but once it comes on, be ready, it's strong!  If you enjoy Thunder Cool Mint but want something stronger, give this product a try!

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