31 January 2016

Siberia Brown (Original Portion) - Review. 31 January 2016.

Review Updated:  9 March 2019

Today, we're going to be talking about the strongest snus in the world - Siberia Brown (Original Portion). Well, the strongest in the world as of March 9th, 2019. Who knows if that will change.  There's quite a lot of people in the world who love this Siberia stuff.  It's much too strong for me to use full time, but it seems to be one of the most popular brands on the market right now.  Siberia comes in three types - Siberia Brown (Original Portion, 43mg/g), Siberia Red (White Dry Portion, 43mg/g), and Siberia Blue (White Portion, 24mg/g).  And all three of those come in a regular sized portion and a slim portion. When it comes to this product, the flavor description says, "Powerful chewing tobacco blend providing a strong and very special mint/spearmint experience."

Looking at this chart, you see the nicotine strength for this product is 43mg/g.  That is the total nicotine strength, which puts it below Thunder X.  However, Siberia Brown portions weigh more than Thunder X portions, at 1.03 grams each.  This means that you're going to get more nicotine per portion than you will with other products.  This is why, in my opinion, Siberia Brown is the strongest product in the world.  I consider nicotine per portion the better measure for how strong a product is than total nicotine.

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a sharp, powerful spearmint smell with a hint of tobacco.  The portions are quite plump, moist, and quickly release flavor and nicotine!  When you put a portion in you'll encounter not only a cooling presence, but also a burn!  The flavor of this product is a sharp, present, lightly sweet taste of spearmint.  I also notice a mild tobacco character in the background of this snus. The nicotine on this one hits hard, and quick.  Usually within minutes I'm feeling it, and I can't keep these portions in long.  Usually about 10 minutes and I have to take them out; that's how strong this stuff is!  But, most original portions last around 45 minutes on average so I assume that's how long these last.

If you like mint snus and want something insanely strong, you may like this.  It's not for me, and I only use it when I review it.  I do like to offer this advice though - don't make this your only snus.  I've seen people raise their nicotine tolerance with this stuff, and they can't adjust to regular snus.  So my advice - if you like this, make it an occasional product, but not a full time product.

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