03 January 2016

On Sale At SnusCENTRAL - 2015 Snus Award Winners! 3 January 2016.

Recently, we did the 2015 Snus Awards, which allowed snusers from all over the world to vote for their favorite new products of 2015! Our friends at SnusCENTRAL are running specials on the winners, beginning 3 January 2016 at 6PM Central Time!  You'll be able to enjoy special deals on Goteborg's Rape Original, Jakobsson's Melon Stark White Slim, Lab 22 Mint, G3 Original Portion, Crafted Snus Whisky Original Portion, Siberia Red and Nick and Johnny Green Ice!

Special Deals:

15 cans for the price of 10: 
Goteborg's Rape Original Portion
Lab 22: Mint
G3 Original Portion
Nick and Johnny Green Ice

10% off: 
Jakobsson's Melon Slim White Stark
Crafted Snus Whisky Original Portion
Siberia Red

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