06 January 2016

Olde Ving Melon - Review. 6 January 2016.

Review Updated: 23 April 2020

Today, I'm going to be revisiting a snus I haven't had in quite some time: Olde Ving Melon.  I'm revisiting this one because a new Swedish law has mandated snus cans must contain at least 20 portions.  This one used to contain only 18.  And the name may sound weird, but when GN Tobacco first came around their first product line was called Olde Viking.  They made a weird tasting spearmint one, and a ginger lime one.  Anyways, due to some name issue, they had to change it to Olde Ving, which of course always makes me think of Old Gregg.  When it comes to this snus, the flavor description says, "A normal strength portion with a taste of melon".  Each can weighs 20g and has 20 portions, for 1g portions.  The nicotine content is 9mg/g (0.9%), or 9mg/portion!

When I opened the can, a mild, pleasant smell of watermelon comes through with a hint of cantaloupe. It's not overly sweet smelling, either! The portions are plump, and feel great under the lip. They aren't overly moist, which means they come with a longer flavor longevity! The flavor is a mild taste of melon which, like the aroma, reminds me of a mix of watermelon and cantaloupe. It's natural, and not overly sweet, which I love about this one. I use Jakobsson's Melon from time to time, but it's a bit too sweet to use full time. This one is definitely more of an all day snus! The flavor, on average, lasts about 50-55 minutes, and the nicotine feels to be right at the regular strength level.

As far as this one goes, it's one of the best tasting melon products on the market and one I definitely recommend!

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  1. Love the can graphics. Just picked up a Snus24 order & shoulda thrown this in. Oh well. Good review!