21 November 2015

Oden's Vanilla (White Dry Portion) - Review. 21 November 2015.

I'm a big fan of vanilla. In 2012, I reviewed Oden's Extreme Vanilla and in 2011, Oden's Extreme Vanilla White Dry. I'm glad that there is a line of vanilla flavored snus on the market.  Vanilla isn't a very well represented flavor and as of the date of this post, GN Tobacco is the only company making vanilla snus products.

The flavor description of Oden's Vanilla (White Dry) says, "Oden's Vanilla White Dry Portion offers clean, white portion snus with a sweet delicious taste experience! Tobacco flavor is mainly prominent and therefore snuff a traditional touch - but in combination with a twist of vanilla!"

One thing I want to note, is that these portions are nowhere near as dry as they were last time I had them. They seem to have more moisture, and the portion material is much more comfortable. The aroma is a very mild, mellow vanilla smell. It's very warm and bread like. If you've ever had Nila Wafers, it reminds me a lot of those. The flavor is fantastic. I like that it isn't too sweet! The vanilla taste comes through in a very mellow and gentle way. It's a very baked/breadlike flavor and the vanilla tastes very natural in this snus.  I must say, of all of GN Tobacco's vanilla flavored snus products, this one is my favorite.  If you're a fan of vanilla snus, definitely give this one a try!

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