21 November 2015

GN Tobacco News! 21 November 2015.

I recently had a conversation with GN Tobacco, and I'm very excited about what they have planned. They are working in overdrive to churn out more new snus, many of which you've already heard about. There is also some news about some new and upcoming snus products, as well!

There are three new products coming that I don't have much information about - Angaholm, Bourbon Black and Bourbon White. To my knowledge, Angaholm is a place in Sweden, so I'm not sure what this snus will be about. As far as Bourbon Black and Bourbon White go, I'm not sure if those names denote the flavor, or the portion color. As soon as I find out more about these products I'll update you all with more details.

Islay Whisky Los and Islay Whisky White Portion are still in production. I know, we previewed this back in June of 2014, so it's been quite a while since we've heard an update on it. But it's apparently still coming, according to GNT. Estimated release date is early 2016. Thanks to Larry's article at SnusCENTRAL for the photo.

Even with Conny Andersson gone from GN Tobacco, plans are still in motion to release La Morenita, a rum flavored snus. I previewed this product back in June of 2014, so I'm not sure if they're keeping his plans for the flavor, or doing something different. Regardless, I'm quite excited. This is coming in early 2016 and is set to release in Los, Original Portion and White Portion.

GN Tobacco is set to release another Double Mint flavor, this one called Oden's Double Mint White Portion. GN Tobacco is well known for their white dry portion, but recently they began making white portion snus with the release of Oden's Cold (White Portion).  The can looks super legit.

Also, GN Tobacco will be releasing Oden's Vanilla Extreme White Dry.  They're calling this a "new" product because it will have a different recipe than Oden's Vanilla products have had in the past, using a natural vanilla oil. Back in 2011, I reviewed Oden's Vanilla (Extreme White Dry Portion) which was made for the Russian market. This product is going to much different from that one, from what I've heard.

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