06 November 2015

Anno 1852 (Rum & Cognac) Los - Reviews. 6 November 2015.

I saw some new products for sale at TopSnus.com under the Anno 1852 brand: Violet Lakits Portion, Whisky Portion, Cognac Los and Sweet Rum Los.  I was immediately drawn to the Cognac.  Cognac is a variety of Brandy, and I'm sure you guys know that my all time favorite snus is Norstrommen Brandy Alexander. The Rum was another one that quickly drew my interest. I don't drink the hard stuff anymore, but I was a big fan of Kardus 2009, which had a flavor of rum.  So these two flavors definitely ended up on my must try list.  I'm thankful for a friend in Sweden who ordered a can of each from TopSnus for me to try and sent them across the pond to me.  As far as I can tell, these are Snus2 housebrands (like X2) that TopSnus.com is selling, and I'm assuming they're made by V2 Tobacco.  This stuff is also insanely cheap, it's less than 2$ a can USD.  Both of these products are 37 gram cans with a nicotine content of 8mg/g.

Anno 1852: Cognac Lossnus

The can is a very simple design, saying "Anno 1852" on one side, and Cognac Lossnus on the other side. The flavor description says, "Anno 1852 Cognac - a loose snus with a taste of tobacco - and hints of brandy. A taste inspired from the good ol’ days. Very easy to handbake into a prilla of your preferred size."

I'm not a big Cognac drinker, but Nordstrommen Brandy Alexander is my all time favorite snus, so I was excited about this one.  You'll notice the grind is a dream to work with, so I suggest handbaking this one.  It's beyond easy to pinch and go.  The Cognac smell isn't too bold, and seems equally matched with the smell of tobacco.  It also isn't overly sweet.  There also seems to be a mild hint of chocolate.  The flavor isn't as sweet as the Sweet Rum, and the tobacco and Cognac tastes seem to be pretty equally balanced.  There's also a mild chocolatey hint in the background which works really well with the tobacco and Cognac taste.  I found this one to be pretty tasty and not overly sweet.

Anno 1852: Söt Rum Lossnus

The can is a very simple design like the Cognac can. According to TopSnus, the word "Söt" means "sweet" in Swedish. The flavor description says, "Anno 1852 Söt Rom (Sweet rom) is a loose snus with a great, and slightly sweet, taste of tobacco and sweet rom. A modern take of the traditionel swedish snus. Very easy to handbake into a prilla of your preferred size. "

When you open the can of Rum Los you'll notice the grind is very easy to handbake. I don't even suggest using a tool with this because it is beyond easy to handbake. The aroma is definitely a straightforward rum smell, along with a little tobacco and a light chocolatey hint.  The flavor is quite nice.  The taste of rum is quite present but not overdone.  The rum does have a touch of sweetness, but it's not too much.  There's also a rich tobacco taste and a hint of dark chocolate in the background.  These flavors mix really well together.  This snus isn't too overly sweet that it would be a "dessert snus" which I was hopeful for when I first heard about this.  This is definitely a great flavor that I would buy again.

If you're a fan of Rum or Cognac, both of these snuses have great flavors and I really enjoyed them.  TopSnus.com sells them if you're in the EU and want to check them out! Snus24.com just added these, so if you're in the US you can check them out!

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