22 October 2015

New Skruf Ecological Snuses! Preview. 22 October 2015.

Recently, Skruf launched a new "ecological" line, describing it as "... products (that) will be produced from 100% certified ecological tobacco and placed in a new can with a design that is aimed to represent the craftsmanship and passion that goes into the creation of Skruf. All flavours in the new Skruf range are naturally sourced."

I recently found out that Skruf is going to launch two new ecological products, both of which have a regular nicotine strength (8mg/g).  The two new products are Skruf Original Portion and Skruf Original Los.  I'm excited about this because I enjoy regular strength snus and this will be a regular strength Skruf Los as well as Original Portion!  Look for these products to launch soon.

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  1. Hey man I'm so glad to hear that skruf now is launching a lös with regular nicotine strength. I just recently revisited skruf lös after it changed into the ecological line. I really liked the taste from the new ecological tobacco but I got a little bit too dizzy from all the nicotine. I mostly snus lös in regular nicotine strength and that's enough for me therefore I'm glad to hear that they now will launch it in regular nicotine strength because I really like the flavor!