17 September 2015

Ettan Jakt (Limited Edition) Los - Review. 17 September 2015.

Ettan Jakt is a limited edition release of the popular Ettan Los. It's the same flavor, but in a new limited edition can with a fall theme. In Swedish, "jakt" translates to "hunter". The product description says, "Ettan Jakt snus: For the autumn season launch Swedish Match is a special limited edition of Ettan. It's called Ettan Jakt (Hunting). Only 82K cans of Ettan Hunting were made for sale in the country, the Swedish Match stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Strömstad, as well as in selected tobacconists, particularly in the North...and to Moe Unz at your SnusCentral.com Snus Shop! "  This is a very limited edition product, so once it's gone, it's gone.  If you're like me and collect snus cans or enjoy limited edition products, this is definitely one to pick up!

I've reviewed Ettan Los in the past, and since this is basically the same product but in a limited edition can, I'll quote my review from that article. "When you open a can of Ettan Los, the aroma that comes through is a very straightforward tobacco aroma. It's a very natural, mild, earthy tobacco aroma with just a slight hint of chocolate. The snus stays together really well in the lip, it doesn't break or mudslide easily. This is definitely a very durable snus. The flavor is a very gentle but present tobacco flavor - very natural and earthy. There's a taste of chocolate in the background but I don't pick it up as much in the loose as I do in the portion format, for some reason. I do get just a little bit of salt, and it really helps accentuate the flavor of the tobacco. It's a really great tasting, natural tobacco centric snus. If you like tobacco centric flavors or are new to snus and want a los product to start with, Ettan Los is the way to go!"

So if you're a collector of limited edition snus cans, pick one of these up before they sell out.  Once they're gone, they're gone!

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  1. And here I was thinking it was something new. Oh well, glad I was able to pick it up either way as Ettan is always a good time.