16 August 2015

Thunder XXXXXXL. 16 August 2015.

This was so cool, I had to share it. Over at NettoTobak.com there's a new Thunder "big can" for sale called Thunder XXXXXXL. But this isn't like other "big cans" we've seen in the past with Offroad Julesnus, Thunder Limited Edition 2014, Thunder Limited Edition 2015 or Thunder Frosted Christmas - this is a big can full of big cans. They describe it as, "Thunder XXXXXXL consists of 1 large Thunder box containing 10 wooden logs Thunder Ultra Frosted Portion. The perfect gift for a snus users. To perceive XXXXXXL the box size so you can find an ordinary snuff box to the right of it. Weight: 23kg."  I think "wooden logs" may be an error in translation - it looks like it contains 10 big cans.  If you're in the US, 23kg is 50lbs. The cost is 3490 KR, or 409.67$ USD.

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