27 August 2015

How to get snus in the EU. 27 August 2015.

One of the most common questions we receive is how to get snus in the EU. In the EU, there is currently a ban on Swedish Snus. However, several stores ship throughout the EU and have found ways to legally operate and ship snus within the EU, whether it be customers agreeing to use their products as smokeless tobacco, or shipping the snus as a "religious object".  So if you're in the EU, you do have access to harm reduced alternatives.

It's a shame that the EU does not allow snus to be sold but allows cigarettes to be sold.  One product is a much safer alternative while one product is proven to cause cancer.  It's very unfortunate to see the "quit or die" mentality embraced and people denied alternatives to help them quit smoking.  The good news is, if you live in Europe you do have options!

First of all, it is against the law to order snus in the EU (though I strongly disagree with that law).  So I want to be upfront that I don't encourage breaking the law and ordering snus online if it is illegal where you live.  Just wanted to get that legal disclaimer out of the way.  

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  1. I am relieved to see that the US does not seem to be following the EU's lead on this and calmer heads appear to be prevailing on this side of the Atlantic. American fans of the EU's political experiment might choose to see through the mirage of the EU's "progressive" stance on, I guess everything. Just like their immigration problem, be it their currency, economies, apoplexy in the face of Putin's shenanigans, etc., the EU stance on snus is illogical, uninformed, and potentially dangerous to their citizens' lives. Let's not have that over here. Last Doc Rodu study I read proposes that US smokeless products' TSNA levels are at record lows. In that lies my only beef with our system. I would love to see Swedish Match's gothiatek standard introduced over here. I guess everyone's get their issues.

  2. Hi Chad,
    I live in Europe in one of these countries that has a ban on snus. I would love to try ordering it as religious object etc. Which of the sites are shipping them like that or know another way of circling the ban? Thanks for your help!