17 August 2014

G3/Generation 3 by General Rumors - Updated 25 August 2014

The review is in! Head over to this link to read our full review on G3 (Generation 3) by General Snus!

Original Preview Article:

25 August 2014:   Today, Instagram User halon_sorlie leaked a new photo of the test cans for G3 by General. I'm calling them that because I'm not sure these are the final designs, I'm still waiting on confirmation. This new photo shows that not only will there by a Extra Strong Slim G3 General Snus, there will also be a Extra Strong White Slim G3 General Snus as well.

I'm still awaiting the official news from Swedish Match about what all this means, launch dates, and any other new products, so we'll share it as we get it!
17 August 2014:  Earlier today I stumbled across a photo on oyeng1's Instagram Page of a new General product that I haven't heard of yet.  Generation 3 By General, or G.3.  According to the can, it's an Extra Strong Slim Portion that is long lasting with minimal drip and a soft fit.

I've been unable to attain more information as of today, but being that it's Sunday I should be able to find out more come Monday morning.  I am very intrigued by this, because I know Swedish Match doesn't add sub-par products to the General line.  Perhaps it's a white extra strong long portion, which would be interesting.

More info to come as we find it!

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