16 April 2014

PROpris Snus Portioning Tool. 16 April 2014.

It was inevitable that people would begin to diversify lossnus portioning tools. The Prismaster, the cheapest form of tools, isn't for everybody, and it certainly wasn't for me. I've used Icetool for years, but some people just don't want to spend that kind of money on a tool. Recently, another one has come onto the market, SnusBuster, which is in the same price range as Icetool. SnusBuster is 33.25 EU (45.28$ USD) and Icetool is priced at 28.57 EU (39.08$ USD). Now comes PROpris, a similar device to Icetool, at half the price - 16.00 EU, or 22.00$ USD. The link I just posted takes you to their webstore, and this link takes you to their Facebook page.
PROpris is made by Slovenian Rok Setnikar, and is a stainless steel product. What's interesting about PROpris is that Rok is only 17 years old and already making a killer product. I'm not familiar with these two people, but he mentioned to me that PROpris is used by Jaka Hvala, an olympic ski jumper, and Federico Cecon, an Italian ski jumper. As far as the device itself, it's very similar in use and design to an Icetool. It doesn't have the "clicks" on the side, which show you the length of prillas you make, but it works the same way, it has the same rubber o-ring, and should be cleaned and lubricated the same way. Vegetable Oil to lubricate, and water to clean.

Another thing that is very interesting to mention is he does custom engraving on the cheap! For 2.00 EU, or 2.75$ USD, you can get it engraved with your name or whatever you wish. The one he sent us came engraved with Snubie.com on the side, and is a pretty cool little addition.  So if you want a good stainless steel snus portioning tool, but are inclined to save some money, this is definitely one to pick up.  Functionally it does the same thing as the higher priced ones, and is just as sturdy and dependable.

Photos from the manufacturer:

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