03 April 2014

New Snus! 3 April 2014

With every new years comes new snus, so let's dive in to some of what we're looking forward to in early 2014. SnusBolaget.se has listed new Kapten Mint Snus, from AG Snus. Described as, "Kapten White Mint Portion is a pouch where the classical tobacco character refreshed with a hint of mint."
SnusLagret.se has a new LD Product available, LD Enbär (Juniper Berry), which I assume is going to taste much like Göteborgs Rapé. Very curious to try this one.
GN Tobacco is bringing forth a non-Extreme version of their Vanilla Oden's product. In the past I reviewed Oden's Extreme Vanilla and Oden's Extreme Vanilla White Dry, so very much looking forward to a not as strong version that I can use more often.
And another one from SnusBolaget.se, Påsksnus from Gotlandssnus. Påsk means Easter, if you're curious. From what I've been told by Gotlandssnus, this is a VERY Limited Edition Easter Snus.

Update on the flavor profile, BuySnus says, " Snus with Sweden's most popular Easter flavor: orange chocolate. This original portion snus by Gotlandssnus is strictly limited and only a small number are available, so make sure to order while in stock!".

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