22 February 2014

Copenhagen Snus. Updated: 25 February 2014

This article is simply a preview, but you can read the full review of Copenhagen Snus by clicking here - http://chadizzy1.blogspot.com/2014/03/copenhagen-snus-wintergreen-mint-and.html!

23 February 2014: A user on Instagram, edin92, shared a photo of cans of Copenhagen "Snus" that he found in a shop in Texas (the shop is Tobacco Barn in Navasota). We talked about this in 2011, and I guess 3 years later they've decided to take up on it. The flavors appear to be Mint, Natural and Wintergreen.

At the time of this article last night we were unsure if these products were real, or photoshop, but a video he made for us shows that these products are, in fact, real.

Update: This morning, edin92 texted me some more photos showing the portions inside the can, and I must say, it is promising. Two observations, however. One, the portions do appear to be huge, which means they took the route of Skoal "Snus". I don't mind huge portions, "Maxi" snus has been for sale in Sweden for years, but it makes it less approachable for the American consumer. Two, the seam on the portions looks like USST took a lesson from Swedish Snus pouch production and emulated their style, as these look a lot like Swedish Snus.

I am unsure at this time whether or not they pasteurize the products, I'm waiting to hear back from my contact at Altria, as no press release has been sent out yet about these new products.
More photos of the cans.
More photos of the cans.
Update: We had some more photos sent to us this evening after we asked edin92 to cut open a pouch for us, and this is the tobacco that's in the portion. It looks pretty finely ground, much like Swedish lossnus. If you remember this photo it's a moisture comparison between Swedish Snus and Marlboro/Skoal/Camel "Snus". The Copenhagen looks like it leans closer to the Swedish than the American.
A color altered photo (contrast/brightness adjusted to show the details of the actual tobacco).

We're still waiting on some cans of this to arrive for us to review, when it does, there will be a full review posted here!
25 February 2014:  I spoke with USST via their consumer product information line this morning. The response I got was very vague. I asked them for details on Copenhagen Snus, which they replied, "There is no Copenhagen Snus". I pried further, saying, "Cans of Copenhagen Snus have been found at Tobacco Barn in Texas." The representative told me, "That's where we test market our products, so it may be a test market." Then I was informed that information about the product wouldn't be available until after the product is done being test marketed. The one tidbit of information I did get from them was when I asked if Copenhagen Snus was pasteurized, and they told me, "All snus branded products from USST are pasteurized to make them spit-free." So I at least know that much, that the product is pasteurized.  However until it's out of the test market, we won't know much else about the specifics of the product itself.


  1. Hey it's edin92, contact me directly with any further questions about this product, I can give you the number to the store that sells it, or possibly put you in contact with the gentleman that sent it to me. The store is actually called "Brookshire Brothers" however there is a separate building to them called "Tobacco Barn".

  2. Can i please get the contact info? I tried calling the tabacco place and they had no idea what i was talking about.