Snus Summit 2013: Chicago. Swedish Match News! 3 May 2013.

Usually, once a year, the representatives of the various blogs, websites, and YouTube channels of note meet with Swedish Match to discuss the state of the snus, and what's to come in the new year. This year was probably the biggest one I've ever been a part of. Before I get into that, I do want to mention this. I picked up these cans of General Snus at a local 7-Eleven. General Portion usually sells online for $5.17 a can, USD. Local shops are usually around $4-$6, but these cans? $1.50 each. And I've been hearing from people around the US that they're finding them for $0.99 a can as well. Swedish Match is running an insane deal right now which will probably end soon for a killer intro price on all General (round can and coffin can). So if you have a shop, go. Now. Use the Store Finder at to find a store near you!

The next piece of news is Catch White Spearmint Long Slim. I know, it's a long name, but would you believe this is a product most of you have already enjoyed? Catch Collection Lafayette Street/Spearmint went over so well, it's been made into a long portion and added full time. If you missed my review, this is what you're in for. " Catch Collection Layfaette isn't like all the other mints - it's one type that isn't used as much - spearmint. Mint and spearmint are completely different plants. The flavors are different though, as they are different varieties of plant. Basically regular mint is more of a bold mint with a cooler taste and spearmint is a sweet but much milder mint. I like spearmint because it isn't as in your face as regular mint - and this as a white portion allows the flavor to be more subdued than an original portion. The aroma reminds me a lot of Wrigley's Spearmint Gum. The taste is great but not all that sweet - which I like."  So check this out if you were a fan of Lafayette Street/Spearmint.

  Next is the return of one many of us were fans of before, Catch Pure Mint. If you missed my review, this is what you're in for. " How's it taste? It is a distinct peppermint taste in the traditional Swedish Style. If you're new to Swedish Snus - I'll explain. The flavor of Catch Pure Mint is a clear peppermint flavor with a cooling sensation wrapped around it, but also has a very pleasant and mild salt balance in the background. This is what I loved so much about the Catch Peppermint from last year. Whereas General Mint seems to be a bit sweeter and really geared towards an American taste profile, this one seems to be made with more traditional Swedish flair. The tobacco isn't just an afterthought, it's perfectly blended with the peppermint flavor. The top of the can isn't just BS, "...blended to perfection..." actually makes sense. A great release from Swedish Match."


General Onyx has a new sexy look. I know, this sucks for those of us in the US who can't get it, but if you're anywhere else - check it out. The new look is pretty legit.

Another new snus to talk about - Goteborg's Rape Havtorn is coming soon in limited editions. Much like Gotland's Summer Snus, this is a fresh taste for the summertime. The flavor is being described as "cloud berry", It reminds me of this snus I talked about in September 2012. It was a limited snus in a line of three they made to celebrate 50 years of the factory in Gothenburg. To describe it, "They made Chicoute´, or as it's often known, "cloudberry", which came as a white mini. Chicoute´ is a fruit with a rather tart taste, similar to how juniper tastes in my opinion, but more fruity. A very pleasant taste!"  So look for that to come soon as well!    

General Classic White (White Portion General) is getting a new look. I love these new cans, they're VERY classy and very sexy. Yes, I just called a snus can sexy.

And for those of you in Canada, this is the line of snuses in Canada from Swedish Match under the General label. Classic White, Fresh Taste, Titanium, and Titanium W, which I believe is Wintergreen.  That's a wrap up of the news, my next article will be reviews of many new snuses - Grov Stark, Kronan Stark White, General Tailored White, General Licorice, Green Spyke (Nick & Johnny) and General White Mint Long!

And, some really cool news to wrap this up before I get into the reviews..... One. Gram. Portions. You heard it, one gram portions are coming back. In three classic varieties - Ettan Original Portion, General Original Portion, and Grov Original Portion. So look for that soon as well!