Gotland's Sommar Snus Review. (2012-2015 Flavor) 6 July 2012.

NOTE:  This was the flavor they used from 2012-2015.  This flavor was replaced in 2016 with a new taste profile.  You can check out that review here.  (LINK TO REVIEW)

I've been wanting to review this snus for almost a week now, but I've had a terrible cold and without all my senses intact - particularly taste and smell - I didn't want to attempt to review this and miss something. So, sorry for the delay. But I'm back up and 100% and ready to talk snus. Must be the humidity here, I've been catching colds left and right this summer. As you know - Gotlandssnus has released a limited edition this summer called Sommarsnus, or Summer Snus. The description at BuySnus describes it as, "Snus with Sweden's most popular summer flavor: smultron, the wild strawberry growing in Swedish forests during summer. This original portion snus by Gotlandssnus will only be available for a very short time, so make sure to place your order in time! Orders for whole rolls are being sent in a neat and summerly box." The box is a pretty cool little addition to for those of you who collect snus swag. Moving along, let's get into the review.

You're probably thinking the same thing I was when I first heard about this snus. What the hell is a smultron? To me, it originally sounded likes some kind of Transformer, but it's actually a wild strawberry that grows in forests in Sweden in the summertime.
The portions are traditional Gotlandssnus portions which to me seem like a toss up between a white and an original portion - leaning more towards a white in terms of moisture content, but still brown like an original portion. Gotlandssnus portions aren't heavy on the moisture, but aren't as dry as a white portion, either. When you open a can of Sommarsnus the aroma is very fruity - having an almost cherry-like aroma. The taste is also very fruity with a very present berry taste, tasting like a toss up between a cherry and a strawberry. It's a very fresh taste, and one that is great for the summer. Usually during the warmer seasons I use certain snuses, it's nice to see an addition to that list that is actually called "Summer Snus". I've always been partial to Ice Fruit or Flader during the summertime due to their flavors, so add this to another Gotlandssnus that I'll be using during the summertime.  It has a great and long lasting flavor - and though it's not one I could use all the time, it's a great break in the rotation when I need something different.

Sommarsnus is a limited edition, so if you want to pick some up - add a few extra cans to throw in the freezer. Once it's gone, it's gone. If you buy a roll, as I mentioned earlier, you get a neat little box. For those like me who collect snus swag - it's a pretty cool addition to your collection.