Oden's Extreme (Vanilla) Original Portion - Review. 21 April 2012.

A few months ago, a fellow snuser overseas sent me a can of the Russian Oden's Extreme Vanilla (White Dry) portion. I really liked the taste and was hoping the day would come that GN Tobacco would release a Vanilla Original Portion. Vanilla isn't exactly a common flavor in snus, which is strange because Vanilla is so good. In 2009, V2 Tobacco had a limited line of loose snus, one of which was the flavor Dark Vanilla, which was really good. I had a can of it that I sent Nash, he reviewed it on his YouTube Channel recently. Nash is a big fan of Vanilla too and we've talked about how cool it would be to have a Vanilla Snus out there. Judging by the lettering on the can - the warning label is in Russian which means this is for sale in Russia for the time being, but knowing GN and their "take no prisoner" mentality when it comes to innovation in the snus market - I would predict that we see it someday in markets other than Russia.

I really like the way this stuff tastes and smells. It's fantastic. The aroma is pretty mellow, it's not overdone and not grossly sweet - which is a good thing. Natural vanilla is very good, but it seems like when it's applied to other stuff like candy or ice cream it goes to this sick sweet level and you can't appreciate the taste of Vanilla. As I noted in my review of Vanilla White Dry, the taste is a lot like Nila Wafers, which have this really mellow Vanilla taste. Even this snus has that almost baked taste with a bread-like quality. GN has taken Vanilla and paired it with snus in a very unique and flavorful way - not too sweet, but a natural flavor that is very enjoyable. And as an Original Portion, this has what I wish the White Dry had - a higher moisture level. So all in all, this snus takes the White Dry Vanilla to the level I hoped a Vanilla Portion would be, and with a great flavor - this one is alright in my book.

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