Catch Collection//Thrill (Raspberry Pepper) (Limited Edition) Review. 6 October 2011.

NOTE:  This product was a limited edition release and is no longer for sale.

When Swedish Match announced the return of the Catch Collection for 2011, I was the most excited about this one. A snus flavored with raspberry, I mean come on, that's pretty legit. Even though it would come in an ubergirlie can, I was okay with that. The flavor description alone sounded really tasty, "A mild tobacco character with the clear tones of red berries, slightly peppery, and well-rounded sweetness. The portion pouch fits discretely behind the lip and stays dry so it runs less, but holds its flavor longer." Recently, Swedish Match has downsized their mini cans to be much smaller than a regular can. Perhaps to save money on production, or to appeal to a different audience - who knows. As 2011 is coming to a close, this is to be the last release in the Catch Collection line for 2011, so it'll be interesting to see what 2012 brings. Now, on to the review of this new snus.

The portions are the traditional Swedish Match white mini portion and as such come in the familiar star formation format. The portions are mini, so if you're not used to minis or don't like minis but want to enjoy this snus, I'd suggest doubling up on them. When you open a can of Thrill, the aroma that comes through is a sweet but tart berry aroma. The taste is fabulous, to say the least. It's a pretty simple taste - it reminds me of a raspberry jam - slightly sweet with a little tart taste in the background. Though pepper is in the name, it doesn't taste like it has more pepper than any other snus, which is good - too much would hurt the flavor profile, in my opinion. There is a mellow salt balance as well that brings out and enhances the berry flavor. The taste isn't TOO sweet, so this snus would be easily enjoyed by anyone - but I can imagine girls would go totally nuts for this stuff. All in all, a pretty good tasting snus.

If you haven't seen a comparison of the cans before, this is a can of the Catch Mini compared to a regular sized can of snus. It's much smaller. So, in conclusion, Catch Collection Thrill is a pretty good tasting snus. Sweet, but not too sweet. The 2011 Collection was great all around - bringing back favorites that users voted on such as Chill (Mint Vanilla) and Still (Violet Licorice) and now the last release - Thrill (Raspberry Pepper). I look forward to seeing what 2012 brings in this exciting and unique snus line.