Catch Pure Mint Review. 26 August 2010.

NOTE:  Catch Pure Mint has been discontinued and is no longer produced.  Catch XRANGE Mint Slim White Large has taken it's place.

Today, I woke up and vowed to catch up on snus reviews. There's a few new arrivals and it is my mission to get caught up. I must admit, the PACT Act madness kinda put a damper on the snus world, but good to see things rolling again. Today's first review is Catch Pure Mint, a new mint snus from Swedish Match. And yes, I know what you're thinking. Does the snus world REALLY needs a new mint snus? Catch Pure Mint is really a unique arrival.
When you open the can the aroma is very clearly peppermint. No subtle hints of anything, no after thoughts or lingering aromas - it is what it is. Peppermint. The smell is distinctly Swedish, it isn't sickingly sweet like Camel "SNUS" or Marlboro "snus", you can tell it's a Swedish made product. If you've been reading my reviews long, you know how much I loved Catch Collection//Fresh (Peppermint) from last year's Catch Collection line from Swedish Match. I find this snus to be pretty close to that, but more on that later.

So now, about the portion. It's in the fashion of the Lab Series, and if you're not familiar with the Lab Series you could compare it to Camel's American product or V2's Thunder Frosted Long+. It's a longer portion. This one is called "White Medium" and has a "Slim Fit" as is noted on the can. It has noticeably less tobacco in it, but not as little as a mini, and not as much as a regular. It's right in the middle - hence the "Medium" portion. The portions are soft and very comfortable in the lip. Of the half can I went through to write this review, I didn't have to actually fluff any of them. Also, the nicotine content is 7mg, which is 1mg less than the traditional 8mg portions. To be honest, it's not even noticeable that it's lower.

How's it taste? It is a distinct peppermint taste in the traditional Swedish Style. If you're new to Swedish Snus - I'll explain. The flavor of Catch Pure Mint is a clear peppermint flavor with a cooling sensation wrapped around it, but also has a very pleasant and mild salt balance in the background. This is what I loved so much about the Catch Peppermint from last year. Whereas General Mint seems to be a bit sweeter and really geared towards an American taste profile, this one seems to be made with more traditional Swedish flair. The tobacco isn't just an afterthought, it's perfectly blended with the peppermint flavor. The top of the can isn't just BS, "...blended to perfection..." actually makes sense. A great release from Swedish Match.


  1. This review is awesome. I just purchased this stuff along with general mint mini portion. I had been using camel snus and had tried Marlboro snus. I like the General but the Catch is incomparably the best.

    Great Review, I agree entirely.

  2. So far this is my Favorite mint snus that ive tried. Great Review !

  3. I live in sweden and this stuff is becoming seriously popular already. The best yet.

    This stuff has the power to convert smokers forever.


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