29 March 2010

New Fridge Mate from Swedish Match! 29 March 2010

Want to get more control over the cans in your fridge? Well, the Fridge Mate from Swedish Match may help. I know when I get a roll I usually break it open (for some reason) and then I have cans everywhere. This may serve as a pretty nifty way to keep all those loose cans together in a more orderly manner - especially if you're one of those stocking up for PACT. It's a pretty cool little snus-can-holder-thingy, and will be available during April and May. If you buy 10 cans of any General product, you will receive 1 fridge mate for free. Look for it soon!

1 comment:

  1. I have a fridge mate it fits perfectly on the top shelf of my mini snus fridge, they are very cool.