General Mini Mint - Review (Discontinued). 8 May 2009

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

General Mini Mint has a special place in my heart - it is the product that helped me quit smoking.  I don't use it anymore, but it's a product I like talking about because of what it did for me.  When it launched, it was dubbed the "Camel Frost Killer", because it was a real Swedish Snus product that blew Camel Frost "Snus" out of the water.  Many Americans can thank this product for being the one that helped them switch from American "Snus" to real Swedish Snus!

The Swedish Match flavor description for this product says, "This well-balanced blend has distinctly cool peppermint notes for a  fresh, lasting release of flavor that makes the most of any occasion.  Mini Mint comes in a smaller pouch with less moisture than other blends."  According to's product details, This product comes in a 6 gram can with 20 portions for 0.3 gram portions.  The nicotine content is listed as “medium”, but I'm not 100% sure what that actually is.  Over the years I’ve heard it listed as 8mg/g (0.8%) and also 4mg/g (0.4%).  If it’s 8mg/g, that’s 2.4mg/portion.  If it’s 4mg/g, that’s 1.2mg/portion.

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a sharp, sweet, smell of peppermint. The portions are small, and relatively dry to the touch. They're still comfortable in the lip, don't get me wrong, but that dryness allows this snus to have a long lasting flavor and minimal drip or run. When you put a portion in the lip, you'll notice a mild cooling presence, which is common of most mint products. The taste is a lot like the aroma! This snus has a sweet, sharp, fresh flavor of peppermint. The sweetness isn't overbearing like American "snus" products, it actually works well with the peppermint flavor. You may notice a little salt if you're new to snus, but that's common of Swedish Snus. In time, you don't even notice the salt anymore. The flavor, on average, lasts a good amount of time; I've found I can keep this snus in for up to an hour! The nicotine strength on this one is light. I would guess it's closer to the 2.4mg/portion strength.

If you're new to snus and looking for a good introductory product, this is a great one to start with.  It was the one I quit smoking with, so I always suggest this to anyone new to snus!