Velo Mini: Nutty Virginia & Punchy Lime (Nicotine Pouches) - Review. 5 October 2023.

If you know me, you know I'm a snus guy.  This means there are a few things I generally don't use.  One is nicotine pouches.  I use them here and there, but not very often.  The other, a personal preference thing, is mini portions.  Today, we're talking about a combination of two things I don't usually use:  nicotine pouches in the mini size!  So, this will be a fun one.  Today we have Velo's Nutty Virginia and Punchy Lime!  Each can of these weighs 8.4g and has 20 pouches, for 0.42g each.  The nicotine content is 9.52mg/g, which is 4mg/pouch, in total.  These also have some other things in common, so before we get into these reviews I want to discuss their commonalities.

Product Commonalities 
Pouch:  These, again, are mini pouches.  Meaning, they're quite small.  If that's your thing, you'll be happy with the size.  I usually have to use two, myself.  They have a soft feel, and a good moisture amount.
Nicotine:  These are pretty light in strength, at only 4mg/pouch.  So you'll notice the nicotine delivery feels pretty light.
Flavor Longevity:  The flavor, on average for both, lasts a good 40-45 minutes.  

Now, let's talk about these pouches!

Velo Punchy Lime
Flavor Description:  "A taste of lime".

Review:  Opening the can, this one has a tart, tangy aroma of lime.  It also has a little lemon to it.  In the flavor profile, it's pretty nice.  This one has a citrusy, tart, tangy flavor.  The lime is what I notice more of, then a little lemon right behind it.  It's not super sweet, but has a little sweetness to it.
Velo Nutty Virginia
Flavor Description:  "A taste of tobacco".

Review:  This one is inspired by tobacco.  Virginia is a popular type of tobacco, which I believe inspired the name.  Of course this is tobacco and nicotine free.  But lately, a lot of manufacturers have been attempting to make a nicotine pouch that tastes like tobacco for those who are quitting tobacco.  In the aroma, I notice it is tobacco-esque.  It has a slight touch of tar, a little leather, some nuttiness, and some caramel.  In the flavor, it's slightly leathery and comes with some nutty tones.  It's not super sweet, and has a little caramel in the background.

Rating and Final Thoughts

While I'm not a big mini pouch fan, I can say these both had nice flavors to them.  Punchy Lime came out on top at 3.21/5, and Nutty Virginia behind it at 3.04/5.  If the pouch sizes were bigger, I think these would have came out with a higher score.  But if you like mini portions, you'll like these.  The flavors are pretty good, and pretty unique in the mini size segment!

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