Kapten Frostmint (White Portion) - Snus Review. 5 October 2023.

I recently stumbled across a new Kapten product, and was quite curious to try it out.  Today we're talking about Kapten Frostmint.  My curiosity with this one was mainly because I use a lot of Kapten Mint X-Stark, which is also a white portion mint like this one.  It has the same can contents and the same nicotine strength.  The can also looks similar.  So, I wasn't sure if this was a rebranding, or an entirely new product.  The flavor description on this one says, "A taste of mint".  That doesn't say much, so it didn't clear up my curiosity.  Each can weighs 18 grams and has 20 portions, for 0.9g each.  The nicotine content sits at 16.67mg/g, which breaks down to 15mg/pouch.  So, if you're wondering like I am what this one is all about, let's get into the review and check it out!

Opening the aroma, I quickly could tell that this one was different.  In the aroma, I noticed a present aroma of menthol, which standard Kapten Mint doesn't have.  There are gentle tones of peppermint as well.  This one definitely has more presence in the aroma than Kapten Mint does.  The portion is nice and plump.  This is one thing I love about Kapten.  It's soft, and feels great under the lip.  Being a mint, it comes with a light cooling sensation, as well.  The flavor is peppermint up front, along with hints of menthol.  I also seem to notice something that reminds me of vanilla, but it's very faint.  There's a light tobacco character to this one, as well.  The nicotine level, though called an extra strong, actually feels to be closer to the strong level.  I find the flavor lasts well over an hour!

Rating and Final Thoughts

This one wasn't too bad!  I still prefer Kapten Mint more, mainly because I'm not a big menthol guy.  But, this one still was pretty good and I definitely consider it one of the better mint products out there.  I think if you like mint products, but with a little menthol mixed in, you'll be happy with the double mint type of flavor profile on this one.  But all in all, good stuff!

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