Artisan Summer Chili Mango (Limited Edition Snus) - Review. 29 June 2023.

It's exciting times, my friends! Today, we're checking out the first limited edition product released in the Artisan Snus family! If you're not familiar with Artisan Snus, this is my snus line I created with The Snus Factory in Sweden and released in 2015. We have a core line, and this is our first limited product. We've actually been working on this one since last summer, but couldn't get it done in time, so it's finally releasing for the summer of 2023!  I've wanted to make a mango snus going all the way back to my first snus release in 2017, Snubie Brandy Alexander (which I produced with V2 Tobacco).  Our follow up to that one was to be a mango flavored snus, however Swedish Match has just purchased V2 Tobacco, and didn't see the merits in continuing our collaboration, sadly.  So now, 6 years later, I am finally getting around to creating the summer snus flavor of my dreams. I'm a bit of a beach bum, in fact this photo is one I took on a cruise to Central America with my wife in June of 2023.  So, let's dive in and get to know this product!

The flavor profile on this one is quite exciting.  We blended tropical mango with ripe, juicy peach and a little bit of spicy chili to add a slight, subtle kick to it.  

Product Info:
If you haven't noticed, the design from this can is very much my love letter to the 80's.  Our new graphic guru Kiley Owen helped bring it to life.  You'll see influences from Back To The Future, Baywatch, Miami Vice, Hulkamania, cassette tapes, 8-bit Nintendo, and more!  The craft label on the side, in fact, is actually a cassette label design,  It's hard to see in the pic, but it mentions the tobacco origins we used:  Central America and Asia.  We wanted more tropical, spicy tobacco tastes for this one.  This also has a slightly different portion format than we usually do.  This is the first slim, original portion in the Artisan family.  It's a 14 gram can with 20 portions, weighing in at 0.7 grams each.  The nicotine content sits at 15.4mg/portion.  I wanted this one to be a little stronger than our usual product, and it has a pretty nice hit to it!  In total that means a nicotine content of 22mg/g, but the only part of that that actually matters is the nicotine per portion, because that's what you actually feel when you use the product.

The Review:
So, let's talk about the product itself. When you open the can, the mango aroma comes through quite clearly. Behind it, a slight touch of peach, and just a little spicy chili. We didn't go too overboard in the chili department, just enough that you can experience it, but not so much that it alienates people who don't like spicy stuff. The portions are great. They're nice and soft, with a slim fit, and a comfortable feeling under the lip. The flavor profile comes on pretty quickly, and has a nice taste to it. The mango is tropical, slightly sweet, and present. There is a dab of peach to this one, which adds a little extra fruitiness to the flavor profile. The chili comes through with a little spice, but not too much. The tobacco base is really enjoyable, it has a dark, slightly spicy, woodsy presence, and compliments the mango very well. The nicotine strength on this one is pretty solid. It's strong, and feels close to extra strong, but it's not too much. With Artisan, I don't like to make products that are too strong, and this is one of the stronger ones we've done yet. But it's still not too over the top. The flavor longevity is pleasing, hanging out a good 45-50 minutes.

Wrap-Up and Final Thoughts:
I used to do a rating and all that jazz at the end of reviews of my own products, but people said that was kinda odd, so I stopped doing it. But, I do like to wrap-up my reviews and give my final thoughts, at least. Even if they're my own products. All in all, I really like this one. This has a nice, tropical flavor that will fit just right in the summertime. I'm definitely going to stock up on it so I can use it in the years to come when the summertime hits. But it's nice to finally complete the mango flavor I started on so long ago. This one really takes it to a new level. This snus has a lot of depth, and isn't just a mango snus. The peach, the chili, the tobacco base, all the other components in the mix really add a lot to this one!  So, grab yourself some!  Remember, it's limited, and we didn't produce a lot, so once it's gone, it's gone!

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