Lundgren’s Tornedalen (Winter 2021 Limited Edition) - Snus Review. 7 March 2022.

I know, I am really behind with this one.  It launched in late 2021, and it's Spring 2022 now.  For some reason, many Swedish manufacturers won't let people outside of Sweden have their limited editions.  It makes no sense to me.  So I have to jump through a lot of hoops to get these products for review, and sometimes it takes months.  So, a special big thank you to my friend Michael K in Sweden.  For many years, he's been helping me acquire products that Swedish manufacturers, for some reason, don't make available to stores that ship outside of Sweden.  But, I finally have it, and today we're talking about Lundgren's Tornedalen (Winter 2021 Limited Edition)!  This will be a long review, because I paid almost $40 for this one can of snus.  Strap yourselves in, and we'll unbox it and go step by step, along with translations of the various writings on the boxes and inserts that come with this one.

First, it comes in this single, grey box.  It's pretty unremarkable, but what's inside is pretty special so it makes sense.  On one side of the box it says: "Tornedalen 2021 - Lundgrens Winter Edition 2021 is a mountain-bound edition of Lundgrens with inspiration from Tornedalen. We have developed the expression in collaboration with the artist Anna-Sofia Mååg".  On another side of the box it says: "The taste in Lundgren's Winter Edition 2021 is inspired by nature experiences around Tornedalen in winter. The snus has a classic tobacco character, with hints of blueberry soup, almonds and whipped cream".  Yes, blueberry soup.  I've never had it before but it apparently it's a big thing in Sweden.

Opening the grey box reveals a mirrored interior with another box inside.  The little box inside is blue/translucent.  There is also a poster inside, which to my knowledge is a first with these Lundgren's limited edition products.  I don't recall a release before that had one.

The front side of the poster is kind of an introduction to the product itself.  Basically this:  "Lundgren's Winter Edition, Tornedalen 2021. In collaboration with the artist AnnaSofia Mååg."

The back-side of the poster goes more in depth on the release.  I'll translate it, but you can click it to view full size if you want.  First, it gives another background, some of which has already been printed on the box:  "Lundgren's Tornedalen has taken its inspiration from the Norrbotten winter landscape. The snus is gently flavored with hints of blueberry soup with almonds and whipped cream. The design is made in collaboration with the artist AnnaSofia Mååg, whose work with sculptures in ice is famous all over the world".  Next, it goes into the studio with AnnaSofia Mååg: “For me, nature is absolutely crucial as a source of inspiration. I'm addicted to it. The grandeur of the landscape north of the Arctic Circle. The wild. I carry a constant longing for it. When I try to shape the ice, it shapes me at the same time. I have to adapt to the cold, bow to it. I have long worked with cracks as an expression, so it felt natural to capture them in this sculpture, but in a new way for me".

Now, back to the packaging.  There is a translucent sleeve that slides off the blue box to reveal the beautiful ceramic container inside.  On the blue box, it gives a preface to the container:  "Anna-Sofia Mååg is also active as an artist and has made herself known for interpreting nature in northern Sweden. She is no stranger to working with different raw materials, including ice. She has now interpreted Tornedalen for Lundgren's Winter Edition 2021."

This is the ceramic container that the snus comes in.  It is absolutely beautiful.  You can definitely see that it is ice-inspired, and the cracks that run across it add a nice dimension to the appearance.

The top of the ceramic container comes off, and inside you'll find the snus can itself resting.  It is a blue, metal can without a catch lid.  I pulled some background info from that I want to share before we get into the product review.  Each can weighs 17.6 grams and has 22 portions, for 0.8 gram portions.  The nicotine content is 10mg/g (1.0%), or 8mg/portion.  I don't imagine I need to share a flavor description for this one, because it's on the box and the poster and I shared it a few times above.  Now, let's check out the snus itself!

The metal tin is pretty nice, and has a threaded top so you'll give it a little twist to remove the lid.  In the aroma, I pick up a light tobacco presence, along with hints of spruce, pine, and blueberry.  The portions are the standard perforated type, with a lighter moisture amount to them.  I'm not the biggest fan of the perforated type because I find if I use them too much they can irritate my gums.  However, I can use a can of Lundgrens here and there, just not full time.  In the flavor profile, I'll admit, I was initially hesitant.  I wasn't sure what Blueberry Soup Snus would taste like.  But, I was pleasantly surprised.  I picked up a present taste of pine, and spruce.  A subtle blueberry mingles in from the background, and then a light, earthy base tobacco presence.  In terms of the nicotine strength, I find this one delivers at about the regular strength mark.  The flavor, on average, lasts about an hour, sometimes a little more.

Rating and Final Thoughts

This snus is a textbook example of don't judge a snus by it's flavor description.  Going into this one, I had low expectations.  Leaving it, I'm hopeful it returns.  I rated it at 4/5.  If it came in a slim portion/non perforated portion, it would rate even higher.  I found the outdoorsy presence of spruce and pine to be made even better with the addition of blueberry.  Honestly, I would probably order more of this and potentially keep it in my rotation if they brought it back.  Just something about the flavor profile of this one, it's really enjoyable!

If you tried it, you know what I mean.  If you missed out on it, I'm sorry.  But you never know, sometimes Lundgren's will bring these back from time to time.  If you're outside of Sweden, please join me in hoping that someday Fiedler and Lundgren will remember that there are snus fans outside of Sweden who want to try these limited edition products.