Longhorn Natural Long Cut (American Moist Snuff/Dip) - Review. 23 March 2022.

I've recently started reviewing American moist snuff/dip products here to mix things up a bit.  Mainly, because we don't see new snus products coming out much anymore, and it gives me something to do when I get the itch for a new tobacco product.  This is a product by Pinkerton Tobacco, which is owned by Swedish Match.  I mostly use Swedish Match snus, and I know their high quality standards, so I feel safer using this one than any other brand.  Also, they say they use some form of pasteurization with their products:  "The tobacco leaves are heated with steam so that when the stems are removed the leaf is not damaged".  Pasteurization keeps TSNA levels low, so I feel better using something like this over other American dip products.  I'm still a snus guy, but I do like to mix it up and review other stuff here from time to time.

Product Details
Description:  "Tobacco.  Simple, and satisfying."
Can Contents:  1.2oz, or 34.02g
Nicotine Strength:  13.8mg/g (via a source online)
Tobacco Content:  The can says "At least 65% US Tobacco".

When it comes to American products, I'm more of a natural or straight guy; I enjoy the taste of good tobacco.  When I open the can, I pick up wood up front.  It's mostly hickory, but I notice some oak, too.  The tobacco character is present, and slightly sweet, with some smokiness in the background.  The tobacco is semi-moist, and I find it pretty easy to pack in the lip.  In the flavor, like the aroma, I notice the wood up front.  It's mostly hickory, but I seem to notice a dab of oak in there.  The tobacco is right behind it, and it comes through in an earthy, semi-sweet way.  In terms of strength, it feels to be about the regular level.  The flavor hovers around for about 50 to 55 minutes, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I rated this one at 3.62/5.  These days, everything new seems to be either mint, or tobacco-free.  So, it's nice to enjoy a good, quality product with a rich tobacco taste.  I was pretty impressed with this one.  But, generally, anything Swedish Match is something I'd consider to be good.  If you like the tobacco taste, this would be a good one to check out!  While I'm a snus guy and don't plan on switching, I don't mind reaching for something like this on occasion to mix things up!


  1. Glad to see you reviewing dip products. Was going to write a bit on my thoughts for this and to anyone reading the comments my thoughts on budget natural dips.

    Anyhow - This is one I thought one of the worst smelling and tasting dips out there, but it's possible I got expired cans or it was from the plastic lid. Although from reading on Reddit doesn't seem so, a lot of others notice the same things I did. There's some sort of pukey undertone lurking maybe mixed with burnt rubber. I've noticed this on some of the other Longhorn dips, a can of Apple Shine had it underneath the flavoring but the rest of the Apple Shines I had were great.

    The quality/consistency of can-to-can for Longhorn is all over the place. I tried the Fine Cut natural too and it was slightly better but not good at all. Timberwolf on the other hand, other than the cut are all great even the naturals. It was what I was hoping for with Longhorn's natural. Maybe I'll give it another go but after going on a bender trying every cheap dip I could find, I haven't really bought too much 'Horn.

    To anyone wondering for budget line naturals, this is my opinion:
    ~Stokers perfumey natural I can't stand
    ~Timberwolf is much better than Longhorn for a budget natural (even tho Twolf is expensive at some places where I live, more than Grizz)
    ~US Smokeless makes Husky and Red Seal naturals that are both excellent. Husky is hard to find but is nearly identical to Cope snuff without some of the umami aged richness
    ~Wouldn't even bother with Kayak or Creek naturals, but I ended up liking the Creek better than the Longhorn eventually

  2. One more thing - I'm not totally slamming Longhorn, all the others were dippable at least, but the standouts they make for sure are the Peach and Apple Shine (which needs to come back). If I could get my hands on a Longhorn natural that was more like Timberwolf, I'd be all over it.

  3. I chewed Copenhagen over 40 years. Since COVID started chewing longhorn natural fine cut, tastes similar but burns mouth for some reason, maybe just been chewing to long maybe time to quit!

    1. Anything mint always burn my lip been dipping Copenhagen 52years fine cut about 6 months ago start the Long cut mixed it with fine cut I like it a lot

  4. I just purchased wg longhorn and it was actually pretty good. But...I did notice the nicotine seemed a bit low. Don't get that rush like with Copenhagen wg.

  5. I've tried longhorns wintergreen long cut a few times over the years, when I was laid off and budgeting, and Everytime I'm reminded why I through the other stuff away... It's tastes like dirt with some version of wintergreen added... It's fine cut for a long cut, their fine cut snuss is like dipping out of the left over powder you get from a bag of rope you own cigarettes...
    They've been around since 2004 and I honestly don't know how they are still manufacturing this trash...


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