Skoal Citrus Pouches (American Moist Snuff/Dip) - Review. 10 December 2021.

Recently I announced that is getting back to basics - and that means more tobacco content. I've had some requests to review American moist snuff/dipping tobacco, and as a tobacco enthusiast I figured what the heck, why not. I'm a snus guy, don't get me wrong. But I do enjoy all things tobacco! I still believe snus to be the best harm reduced option for smokeless tobacco enjoyment/smoking cessation. But these products are a fun break from time to time. Skoal is pretty popular, having around 15% of the US market, making it the #2 dip brand.  The name is a derivative of "Skål", which is a Scandinavian toast.  It's fitting, because dip actually evolved out of Swedish immigrants bringing Swedish Snus to the US in the 1800's.  Skoal is a newer one, introduced in 1934.  This one, like other Skoal products, contains 100% American tobacco.

Product Details 
Flavor Description: "Our citrus tobacco blend in a pouch. This best seller brings a distinctive, bright flavor to our rich tobacco." 
Can Contents: 0.82oz (23.25g) / 15 pouches, 1.55g each
Nicotine Strength: Source put it between 12.7-13.4mg/g.

Of course, American moist snuff is a fermented product. This means that you'll need to spit your saliva. Traditionally, it is put in the lower lip. However, as a snuser, I don't use it the regular way. I take a pinch (without packing the can), and throw it in my upper lip. That means less salivary gland contact and less spit. Basically, I use it like regular lös snus.

When you open the can, the citrusy aroma that comes through is bright, and semi-sweet in nature.  It most closely reminds me of lemon, but perhaps with a little orange mixed in.  I detect a subtle smokiness in the background, as well.  You'll find the pouches to be quite large, and plump in nature; they fill out the lip quite well.  The flavor profile is certainly different from the "citrus" flavor of Swedish Snus.  This one is a sweeter citrus taste.  The notes of lemon and orange come through pretty clearly.  In the background I find mild notes of wood, a subtle earthy tobacco base, and some smokiness.  The nicotine strength on this one feels about regular.  I find the flavor to last about 50-55 minutes, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I use a lot of citrus flavored Swedish Snus, and I found this one to be quite unique when compared to those.  It's a summery citrus taste, that is brighter in nature, and sweeter.  I rated it at 3.33/5.  While not one I'd personally use all the time, I could see this being something people could use from time to time to mix things up.  If I were a dipper, that's where it would fall for me, personally.

Disclaimer:  I'm still a snus guy.  If you're looking to switch from smoking to a safer form of smokeless tobacco, I still encourage Swedish Snus being that option.  In my opinion, Swedish Snus is the most enjoyable, safest oral smokeless tobacco product available.  Dip is a fun excursion from time to time, but I still encourage snus usage over dip usage.  If you want to learn more about Swedish Snus, you can check out our Snus FAQ here, or this informative video about snus, here.